Joint (Technical) Committee

At each of the Spring and Fall Committee meetings, the two standing Technical Subcommittees, the Quality Assurance Advisory Group, the Data Management Advisory Group, the Science Committees, and any ad hoc groups meet as a group to work on issues related to NADP management and operations. Decisions are determined by majority vote within each group. Each subcommittee and group operates independently, although issues that are relevant to the mission of more than one committee or group may be discussed and voted on in joint session. Motions passed in joint session are considered to have the same standing as motions passed separately by the individual subcommittees. Motions passed by the individual subcommittees and in joint sessions are brought to the EC for final approval. The joint session is chaired by the current Network Operations Subcommittee (NOS) chair.

The term "technical" has been interchangeable with "joint". NOS and EOS originated as the subcommittees of the Technical Committee. Fall meeting minutes from 1978 until 2007 are titled as Technical Committee minutes, previous to 2008, subcommittees also met at fall and spring meetings and reported out with Joint minutes.

Joint Meeting Minutes
Technical Committee Meeting Minutes