Education and Outreach Subcommittee (EOS)

The mission of EOS is to coordinate outreach and education activities among the network and scientific subcommittees. With approval and recommendation from the Executive Committee, EOS will provide guidance for outreach efforts and educational materials to the Program Office. EOS will be a committee of representatives from other committees. Each of the scientific and technical subcommittees will provide 2 delegates (although 1 person may represent 2 entities) to EOS. The subcommittee will elect and name at least 1 chair (co-chairs are preferable) and at least 1 vice chair or secretary who will maintain a record of each formal meeting.

“Outreach materials” are intended to advance participation in, and the activities of the National Program. Outreach materials may be specific to an individual network, or an overview of the Program structure and operations, such as the “Welcome” brochure.

“Educational materials” are intended to provide general information and data about air pollution and atmospheric deposition. An educational document may be specific to one of the networks such as the “Nitrogen from the Atmosphere” booklet, or may be an overview of status and trends in atmospheric deposition.

There will be instances where a specific publication may serve both functions such as the “Governance Handbook.” A specific product or project need not be classified as one or the other; these definitions are provided to help differentiate the two types of activities covered by the specific chargers.

The specific charges of EOS are:

  • Provide a forum to enable communication of outreach and education needs, goals and activities of the subcommittees and networks. The goal is to enhance efficiency in messaging and reaching new audiences. Examples include sharing stakeholder lists, databases, contact information for collaborators and colleagues (where appropriate), specific expertise, and resources.
  • Increase the visibility of the NADP to decision makers, i.e., tribal, state, local, and regional air quality managers, congressional subcommittees and relevant federal agencies through development and distribution of educational materials such as brochures, internet sites, and multimedia presentations.
  • Provide content and guidance to the Program Office for the regular NADP publications such as the Annual Report, Newsletters, Web pages, and meeting announcements. The Program Office will assist with editing, formatting, and uploading electronic publications, but is not expected to provide content – that is the responsibility of EOS.
  • Develop new outreach materials for advancing the status, standing, and prominence of the National Atmospheric Deposition Program. These may be specific to an individual science committee, focused on one of the networks, or more broadly dedicated to progressing the goals of the National Program. Tasks and text development may be coordinated directly within EOS, or products may be developed within other subcommittees (including networks) and submitted to EOS for Executive Committee approval. EOS is further charged with setting priorities for the Program Office regarding production of outreach materials; in doing so, EOS will consider the other responsibilities of the Program Office. The Program Office will assist with the final layout and technical editing, but is not expected to provide content. If the product is intended to be a web-based upload, the Program Office will provide the needed expertise.
  • Create, provide, and update as needed, content for educational materials. Education materials are intended to augment typical data and maps available through the web interface by providing interpretation, context, or highlighting knowledge gaps. Educational materials may be intended for use by a variety of audiences such as the general public, policy and decision makers, classroom environments, or data user groups. EOS is responsible for identifying the intended audience and proposing the format and media such as web-based material, print, or presentations. Content may be coordinated within EOS, or in collaboration with the science and network subcommittees.
  • Final approval of EOS products and activities is the purview of the Executive Committee.

The EOS has evolved over the years to meet the needs of NADP. In 2019, the Executive Committee approved the subcommittee name change and mission from the Ecological Response and Outreach Subcommittee (EROS) to the Education and Outreach Subcommittee. Previous to EROS, it was the Environmental Effects Subcommittee (EES), this change was approved at the Fall 2005 meeting in Jackson, Wyoming.

Social Media Content Submission Form

Science and Technical Committees have been assigned periods of the year in which they are responsible for submitting content for the NADP social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In order to streamline the content submission procedures and ensure the integrity of the content, we request the Social Media Content Submission Form is used to submit your content.

Refer to these procedures for content submission and committee schedule.

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