NADP Conferences

Every Fall the NADP organizes a scientific symposium where researchers share the results of their work in precipitation chemistry and atmospheric deposition.

2024 – Protecting the Health of Communities and Ecosystems under a Changing Climate
2023 – Climate Change Impacts on Air Quality

Keynote Address: NADP 2023: – From Air Modeling to Advocacy: How Data-Informed Campaigning Achieves Climate and Clean Air Wins

Holly Bender, Chief Energy Officer, Sierra Club

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Proceedings and Keynote Videos from past meetings

2022 – Monitoring for a Sustainable Future

Keynote Address: NADP 2022: – Science in the Service of Community

Dr. Elena Craft, Associate Vice President, Climate & Health, Environmental Defense Fund

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2021 – Atmosphere-Biosphere Exchange and Ecosystem Processes: New Frontier of Measurements and Models

Keynote Address: NADP 2021: – Masters of their fate: Revisiting atmospheric particle dry deposition and lifetime

Dr. Delphine Farmer, Associate Professor, Colorado State University

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2020 – NADP in a Changing World

Keynote Address: NADP 2020: Atmospheric Research in a Changing World

Dr. LaToya Myles, Deputy Director, NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, ATTD

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2019 – Expanding the Boundaries of NADP
2018 – 40 Years of Monitoring Atmospheric Deposition: Historical Legacy and Looking Ahead to the Future

Keynote Address: NADP 2018 – Long-term Monitoring: Environmental Insights from NADP and Hubbard Brook Pertaining to Acid Rain

Dr. Gene Likens, President Emeritus, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

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2017 – NADP data: making the world a better place; one monitor, one network, one study at a time
2016 – Deposition: What Does the Future Hold?

NADP 2016: Atmospheric Deposition Research through an Indigenous Lens or Understanding the Natural LAW: Land, Air and Water

Dr. Daniel Wildcat, Director, Haskell Environmental Research Studies (HERS) Center, Haskell Indian Nations University

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2015 – Acid Rain Conference
  • Rochester, New York, Oct.19-23, 2015

  • Proceedings

    In 2015 the NADP combined its Fall Meeting and Scientific Symposium with the 9th International Conference on Acid Deposition.

2014 – The Global Connection of Air and Water
2013 – Western U.S. Monitoring and Analysis: Progress and Current Issues (and Nitrogen Flux Workshop)
2012 – The NADP Cooperative: State, Local and Tribal Perspectives
2011 – NADP at the Nexus: Cross System Connections
  • Providence, Rhode Island October 25-28, 2011

  • Proceedings
2010 – Networking the Networks
2009 – Monitoring Change in Multi-Pollutant Deposition and Environmental Response: Bridging Air and Ecosystems
2008 – 30 Years of Operations: Focusing on the Future
2007 – Wet and Dry Deposition Measurements: Do We Have the Total Picture?
2006 – Effects of Deposition in Coastal and Urban Environments
2005 – Science Supporting Resource Management
2004 – NADP Scientific Symposium and Technical Committee Meeting
2003 – Long-term Monitoring: Supporting Science and Informing Policy (Includes Ammonia Workshop)
2002 – NADP Scientific Symposium and Technical Committee Meeting
2001 – NADP Scientific Symposium and Technical Committee Meeting
2000 – Ten Years after the Clean Air Act Amendments: Adirondacks in the Balance
1999 – NADP Scientific Symposium and Technical Committee Meeting
1998 – Celebrating Twenty Years of Network Operations