Network Operations Subcommittee (NOS)

The mission of the NOS is to provide a forum for discussion and evaluation of issues pertaining to station siting, equipment, and procedures for sampling and analysis in all NADP networks.

The specific charges of NOS are:

  • Evaluate siting criteria, equipment, procedures, methods, and technologies used by each network.
  • Review and evaluate field-measurement procedures to ensure that SOPs are followed routinely and make recommendations for change as appropriate.
  • Periodically review the analytical laboratories to ensure that SOPs and appropriate QC and QA protocols are being followed.
  • Evaluate and determine the acceptability of proposed changes in the analytical laboratories concerning analytical methods, laboratory procedures, and QC and QA protocols.
  • Ensure that analytical data generated for the networks meet program needs and are accompanied by complete metadata and QA documentation. When program needs change, this subcommittee reviews and recommends QAP changes on matters of network operations.
  • Review, evaluate, and approve instruction manuals/SOPs for site operations and propose changes as necessary.
  • Recommend and review procedures for recording measurements and observations reported by Field Site Operators, analytical laboratories, and by the Program Office. This charge includes review and approval of the design of field sample report forms and precipitation gage records.
  • Provide reports to the Executive Committee as appropriate.