NADP Online Fall Meeting and Scientific Symposium

2021 Theme: Atmosphere-Biosphere Exchange and Ecosystem Processes: New Frontier of Measurements and Models

  • Science Committee Meetings: October 25-26, 2021
  • Scientific Symposium: October 27-29, 2021
  • Technical Committee Meetings: November 1-2, 2021
  • Executive Committee Meeting: November 4, 2021
About the Meeting

The meeting is intended for scientists, resource managers, educators, students, policymakers, and others interested in atmospheric deposition, air quality, and its effects on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. NADP data has been used for decades to understand and solve real-world problems impacting people and the planet, including helping to facilitate cleaner water, healthier air quality, more productive fisheries, informed environmental planning, improved air quality and climate forecasting, and responsible environmental stewardship.


Agenda at a Glance

October 25-26: NADP Science Committee Meetings

  • Mercury in the Environment and Links to Deposition (MELD)
  • Aeroallergen Monitoring Science Committee (AMSC)
  • Critical Loads of Atmospheric Deposition (CLAD)
  • Total Deposition of Atmospheric Nitrogen (TDep)
  • Collaboration for Network sustainability

Symposium Theme: NADP 2021: Atmosphere-Biosphere Exchange and Ecosystem Processes: New Frontier of Measurements and Models

The 2021 symposium will focus on recent advances and future directions in measurements and models of atmospheric chemistry and air-surface exchange (e.g., nitrogen, mercury, sulfur, perfluorinated compounds and other emerging pollutants) that inform ecosystem exposure; linkages between air quality, climate, deposition and ecosystem processes; fusion of measurements and models of atmosphere-biosphere exchange; and integration of routine network measurements of atmosphere and ecosystem processes. While these will be the foci of the symposium, abstracts and presentations on any topic related to atmospheric deposition are welcomed. Symposium sessions will include:

October 27: Scientific Symposium

  • Annual State of the NADP Address
  • Keynote Address
  • Session 1: The Clean Air Act and the Past, Present, and Future of Acid Deposition
  • Session 2: Linkages between Atmospheric Deposition and Ecosystem Processes

October 28: Scientific Symposium

  • Session 3: Measurement and Modeling of Air-Surface Exchange
  • Poster Session: Posters will consist of 4 slides presented by the authors (5 minutes). Questions will be answered in the “Chat” function.
  • Session 4: Recent Advances in Measurements of Atmospheric Chemistry

October 29: Scientific Symposium

  • Session 5: Routine Monitoring of Atmosphere and Ecosystem Processes: Recent Advances and Remaining Challenges
  • Session 6: Measurement-Model Fusion
  • Session 7: Climate, Air Quality, and Deposition
  • Closing Remarks

November 1-2: NADP Technical Committee Meetings:

  • Joint Subcommittees
  • Networks Operation Subcommittee (NOS)
  • Education and Outreach Subcommittee (EOS)

November 4: Executive Meeting


For questions regarding the Technical Committee Meetings, please contact Winston Luke, Chair, NADP Network Operations Subcommittee,

For questions about the 2021 Fall Meeting and Scientific Symposium, please contact John Walker, Vice-Chair NADP Executive Meeting, 

For other inquiries, please contact David Gay, NADP Coordinator.

For meeting support, please contact David Gay or Richard Tanabe.