Executive Committee (EC)

The EC is responsible for executing decisions and actions brought forward by the subcommittees, advisory committees, science committees, and ad hoc groups; for making budgetary decisions; and for ensuring program continuity, stability, and balance. The EC may assign additional tasks to the subcommittees, advisory groups, and science committees as necessary. The EC, in consultation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and the Budget Advisory Committee, is responsible for choosing the institution that hosts the Program Office.

The EC consists of eight voting members and numerous ex officio non-voting members. The voting members are: the Past Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary; the Chairs of each of the standing subcommittees: Education Outreach Subcommittee (EOS), and Network Operations Subcommittee (NOS), a representative from the SAES scientific community; and the Co-Chair of the Budget Advisory Committee. In the event of a tie, the Program Chair will cast the deciding vote. These members are empowered to set policy and make decisions concerning the technical and scientific aspects of the Program.

The ex officio nonvoting members include the SAES Regional Administrative Advisors, the National Program Leader for USDA/NIFA, NOS Vice-Chair, NOS Secretary, EOS Vice-Chair/Secretary, Chair of each Science Committee, voting members of the Budget Advisory Committee, the NADP Coordinator, the QAAG Chair, the DMAG Chair, the NADP Recorder, and the director of the NADP analytical laboratory.

Listing of past Executive Officers

Meeting Minutes