New NTN Sample ID# Format

In a continued effort to make more aspects of all NADP networks consistent, we updated the format of NTN sample ID numbers.

Starting tomorrow, 3/1/2024, new NTN sample ID numbers will be used. The old format remains in place for the past samples, but anything received on 3/1 and beyond will have the new formatted number.

The old format of XX1234XX (i.e. UA1234SW) will be replaced by a new format of T2400001. This new format more closely matches AMoN and MDN sample numbers, and allows for some information to be conveyed within the number as “T” = Trends, “24” is the year and “00001” is the sequential sample numbers.

This system will restart each calendar year, for example, the first sample received and logged in January of 2025 will be T2500001, etc.

You will see these new numbers on NADP sample receipt reports, preliminary data reports, web data and anywhere else NTN sample IDs are used.

For web data users, dummy samples, covering longer sample gaps, will use the new format of “T@YY” followed by a 4 digit sequence number (i.e. T@240001). These will use a separate sequence of numbers starting at 0001. This is the same dummy numbering system found in the MDN network sample data.