Quality Assurance Advisory Group

The QAAG advises the EC on matters of quality management and quality assurance for the NADP Program Office, networks, and laboratories. The QAAG also makes recommendations on the external QA programs and advises the EC on matters related to these programs. The QA Manager, a designee(s) proposed to the EC for approval from the Program Office, coordinates and chairs the QAAG. If the QA manager position is vacant, an acting chair is chosen from the group. Other QAAG members are the laboratory QA Staff, representatives of external QA programs sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. EPA, and additional participants appointed by the Executive Committee. The charges of the QAAG are:
  • Review and update NADP Quality System documentation (QMP, QAPs, etc.)
  • Review, evaluate, and approve instruction manuals and SOPs.
  • Advise the QA Manager in implementation of the QMP and the network and laboratory QAPs.
  • Provide input and recommendations for external QA programs.
  • Coordinate and arbitrate QA matters referred by the Executive Committee, including remedial actions.
  • Review QA documents and reports prepared by the QA Manager.
  • Suggest areas of QA research to the Executive Committee.
  • Meeting Minutes
    Refer to the Quality Assurance page for more information.