Data Management Advisory Group (DMAG)

The DMAG advises the EC on matters of data management for the NADP Program Office, networks, and laboratories. The Data Manager from the Program Office coordinates and chairs the DMAG. If the Data Manager position is vacant, an acting chair is chosen from the group. Other DMAG members include the laboratory data management staff and additional participants appointed by the Executive Committee. The specific charges of DMAG are:

  • Review and approve all procedures and protocols related to data management and reporting. This charge includes all data screening and coding procedures used at field sites, analytical laboratories, the Program Office, and all criteria for data reporting.
  • Review and approve the format of data reports and summaries from the Program Office and recommend changes consistent with reporting objectives, including evaluating and approving criteria for use of site data in these reports and summaries.
  • Advise the EC on long-range planning for expected changes related to Data Management.
  • Participate in technical reviews and audits of analytical laboratories and Program Office data management operations.
  • Ensure that network data meet program needs and are accompanied by complete metadata and QA documentation.
  • Review and recommend Quality Assurance Plan changes on matters of data management as program needs change.
  • Evaluate and determine the acceptability of proposed changes in data management procedures to improve accuracy or efficiency of current practices and to meet new or modified objectives.

In 2014 the Data Management and Analysis Subcommittee (DMAS) was changed from a technical subcommittee to an advisory group.

Meeting Minutes