TDep - Total Deposition Science Committee

In October 2011, the NADP Executive Committee formed the Total Deposition Science Committee (TDep).

The mission of TDep is to improve estimates of atmospheric deposition by advancing the science of measuring and modeling atmospheric wet, dry, and total deposition of species such as sulfur, nitrogen and mercury by providing a forum for the exchange of information on current and emerging issues within a broad multi-organization context including atmospheric scientists, ecosystem scientists, resource managers, and policy makers.

The specific charges of TDep are:

  • Support national networks that monitor atmospheric deposition by providing information on emerging measurement techniques, model development, and uncertainties associated with these approaches.
  • Identify and prioritize knowledge gaps in the field of measuring and modeling atmospheric deposition and advocate for research to address those gaps.
  • Coordinate with Critical Loads of Atmospheric Deposition Science Committee (CLAD) and other groups to advocate the use of the most scientifically defensible deposition estimates for critical loads and other environmental assessments.
  • Provide expertise and advice on present and potential decisions and regulatory actions pertaining to the field of measuring and modeling atmospheric deposition.
  • Encourage greater communication and collaboration between groups from different disciplines with interests in atmospheric deposition.