NADP Transition Frequently Asked Questions for Site Operations

Q: Who do I call to get site support after March 1?

A: You can continue to call the 800 number (800-952-7353).

Q: How do I get site support by email?

A: The site support email addresses will be:

To assure the best possible site support, arrangements have been made to so that both Program Office and CAL staff will have access to these email accounts

Q: Where do I send my NTN, AIRMoN, or AMoN samples?

A: Starting in June 2019 the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) will be taking on the Mercury Deposition Network (MDN) analytical and site support services. As a result, we will be moving sample receiving for all NADP networks to our Henry Mall location as of June 1st, 2019. This means all NTN, AIRMoN, AMoN, and MDN samples should be sent to the Henry Mall address. This move will help us to streamline shipping and receiving to better serve all of the networks. The used supplies for the NTN and AIRMoN address will remain the same (Henry Mall).

All samples removed on Tuesday June 4th and beyond will be shipped to the Henry Mall address:

NADP Sample Receiving
WI State Laboratory of Hygiene
465 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706
Tel. 800-952-7353

If you receive pre-paid labels from your site sponsor, they have been notified of the upcoming change and will be sending you pre-paid labels with the new address.

Q: Where do I submit my precipitation data?

A: You can email the data to or you can upload it at

Q: Where do I view my precipitation data?

A: You can view your precipitation data at

Q: I just got a repair part from the Network Equipment Depot. Where do I send the old parts like motor boxes or sensors?

A: Return old parts to the NED at:
NADP Program Office
Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
465 Henry Mall
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

Q: Where do I send used supplies like buckets?

A: Please see the new shipping instructions

Q: How will financial arrangements with WSLH be made to cover my NADP site?

A: Site sponsors will be receiving termination notifications from the University of Illinois to end their agreements on 2/28/2018. The WSLH has been working with individual site sponsors (funders) to set up new funding mechanisms for all networks. All non-federal funding arrangements with WSLH should be set up and active by Feb 28, 2018. NADP site sponsors should be proactive in ensuring that financial agreements for network sites are in place with WSLH. Chris Gunter on the WSLH financial team is the contact (, 608-265-2254).

Q: Will the Mercury Litterfall Network continue at the new Program Office?

A: Yes, plans are underway to transition this network to the new Program Office. Due to the recent retirement of Marty Risch, this network will be coordinated in 2018 by Doug Burns, USGS, Troy, NY, an experienced mercury scientist. Funding will be coordinated through the new Program Office at WSLH. News will be forthcoming this spring about financial and logistical arrangements for continued participation in this network.

Q: What about AMNet?

A: The AMNet program will continue as in the past, and new funding agreements will be established with the WSLH.