The NADP Foundation

Your gift to the NADP Foundation supports a greater understanding of atmospheric deposition and its effect on ecosystems and the public. Since 1978, the NADP has measured the spatial and temporal trends of atmospheric deposition across North America and beyond. The NADP serves a vast community of researchers, policy makers, educators, and the public with free, quality-assured, monitoring results. NADP is a public nonprofit association of supporters and data users interested in understanding atmospheric deposition and its effects on ecosystems and the public. Help support the continued operation of the NADP networks through a donation to the NADP Foundation. Your support will help ensure continuing access to the robust spatial and temporal data set, support the development of new initiatives, and advance NADP outreach and reporting tools.

Your generous support ensures continuing access to the robust data sets, funds the development of new research and initiatives, and advances the education outreach and reporting tools of the program.

The foundation gives you the opportunity to support the work of the NADP; a public nonprofit association of supporters and data users that are dedicated to identifying and assessing deposition impacts on the environment. The NADP Foundation is administered by the University of Wisconsin Foundation and can be accessed at the following link:

WSLH National Atmospheric Deposition Program Fund - 112900215

With your generous charitable gift, we can continue to provide quality atmospheric deposition data now and into the future!


If you have questions about gift options and foundation details please contact the NADP Coordinator David Gay at