Important Update Regarding the 2020 NADP Spring Meeting - Online Only

The NADP spring meeting planned for Madison, WI the week of May 11th through the 15th, will be held as a virtual meeting only and not an in-person event.

Logistics are still being finalized; but in general, the online format will follow the block agenda the week of May 11th. The chairs of each subcommittee are being notified individually and will work with subcommittee members to determine if the date and time should be modified.

The decision to forfeit this year’s in-person meeting was not taken lightly; however, based on input from the Executive Committee, PO, CAL, and other stakeholders, we felt this was the most appropriate decision to ensure the effective operation of the NADP and support the vital interactions among stakeholders. The online meeting format will safeguard the health and safety of meeting participants and avoid any problems with travel restrictions associated with the transmission of COVID-19.

Just a reminder, if you have already made travel arrangements to attend NADP, please notify your local travel office of the change in plans, and cancel your hotel reservations (Madison Concourse, (800) 356-8293).

Thank you for your flexibility as we move to a virtual 2020 NADP Spring Meeting. If you have any questions please contact David Gay or Melissa Puchalski.

Please read the General statement on technical issues related to the spring meeting