Animated Maps

These animations display the National Trends Network (NTN) concentration and deposition maps of pH, sulfate, nitrate, and ammonium and deposition maps of H+, sulfate, nitrate, ammonium, and total inorganic nitrogen from nitrate and ammonium beginning in 1985.

Concentration Animations

pH PDF PowerPoint
SO4 PDF PowerPoint
NO3 PDF PowerPoint
NH4 PDF PowerPoint
Deposition Animations
H+ PDF PowerPoint
SO4 PDF PowerPoint
NO3 PDF PowerPoint
NH4 PDF PowerPoint
Total Inorganic Nitrogen PDF PowerPoint
Precipitation Animations
Precipitation PDF PowerPoint


The pdf files will work best if you download the file and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The animations may not automatically advance on mobile devices or when opening in an Acrobat Reader browser plug-in. On a PC, as long as the file is allowed to open in full-screen mode, the slides should advance automatically.

After the Powerpoint files opens, putting Powerpoint into Presentation mode (F5) will make the slides automatically advance.

More Information

Each frame represents a three-year moving average of annual precipitation-weighted mean concentration or deposition. For example, the 1985 concentration map displays the average of 3 precipitation-weighted mean values (1984,1985,and 1986).

At least three factors are at work changing the spatial patterns from year to year and over the period of record: emissions changes, changes in weather patterns, and chemical changes in the airborne pollutants that are removed by precipitation.

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