Going Green at Bondville Environmental and Atmospheric Research Site (BEARS)

Jeff Pribble, Matt Layden and Chris Lehmann
Central Analytical Laboratory
Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability
University of Illinois

In April 2010, the AIRMoN, NTN, & MDN collectors as well as the OTT Pluvio electronic raingage at NADP site IL11 (Bondville) went off the grid. An Air X 400 Watt wind turbine on a 10 meter tower was installed with the help of Midstate Renewable Energy Services. Along with a battery bank of four, 6 Volt Deep Cycle Trojan 105 batteries, the system has performed for three months without a failure. In fact, the renewable energy source may prove to be more reliable than the local utility. A solar panel will be added in summer 2010 to create a hybrid power system. The installation was a learning process and helped to provide invaluable experience that can be shared with other NADP sites interested in going green. This poster will show photos of the installation process, a breakdown of materials and labor, as well as a record of the voltages both before and after leaving the grid.