USNIP-Isotopes in the Hydrologic Cycle: Recent Findings and Trajectories

J M Welker1, G Bowen2, B Cohn1, M Rogers1

In collaboration with NADP, the US Network for Isotopes in Precipitation has been characterizing the water isotope (δ18O and δD) traits across the US beginning with samples from 1989. We have now completed over 10 published manuscripts which have focused on the patterns and processes governing the isoscapes of precipitation and those findings will be highlighted in the presentation. A component of our focus now is on time-series analysis as we begin to develop isotope-climate (temperature) coefficients that can be used in site-specific climate reconstructions and in GCM model calibrations. New NSF-funded analytical capacity is greatly expanding our capacity and our collaborations have grown to include university and agency colleagues across the US.

1Environment and Natural Resources Institute, University of Alaska Anchorage,
2Geosciences Department, Purdue University