More than Monitoring: Extending NADP and CASTNET across Landscapes

Amanda M. Elliott* and Kathleen C. Weathers
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Millbrook, NY 12545

NADP and CASTNET data have been useful for years for monitoring deposition to specific locations across the country and over time. More recent efforts have sought to spatially extend this information across the landscape to locations where the fund and time expensive monitoring is not feasible. We have used NADP and CASTNET data in various ways and locations in the attempt to characterize deposition across the landscape of the US and North America. Combined with other monitoring networks (such as CAPMON), other methods of estimating deposition (such as the CMAQ model and throughfall measurement), and spatially explicit data (such as precipitation models, elevation, and land cover data), these monitoring data are critical for understanding how substances are deposited on the landscape, both functionally and spatially. This information can then be applied to concepts such as critical loads and ecosystem budgets and processes.

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