2009 Measurements of Atmospheric Mercury Species in Atlantic Canada at Kejimkujik National Park (NS01)

John Dalziel*, Robert Tordon and Stephen Beauchamp
Air Quality Science Division
Meteorological Service of Canada
Environment Canada
45 Alderney Drive
Dartmouth, N.S. B2Y 2N6

Environment Canada has recently began measuring the concentrations of three gaseous Hg species – gaseous elemental mercury (GEM), reactive gaseous mercury (RGM), particulate (P-Hg) fine fraction (<2.5 µm) at a remote rural site in Nova Scotia (Canada). In January of 2009, an integrated Tekran 1130/1135 sampling and analysis unit was setup at the Canadian Atmospheric Precipitation Monitoring Network (CAPMoN) site in Kejimkujik National Park. This mercury speciation sampling is funded by the Clean Air Regulatory Agenda (CARA) to increase our understanding of the contribution of dry deposition to total deposition of atmosphere mercury in Canada. In addition to RGM and P-Hg, ongoing 5 minute sampling of total gaseous mercury (TGM) is monitored as well as the weekly collection of mercury in precipitation samples as part of the Mercury Deposition Network (MDN). This site is one of the Environment Canada CARA Hg “super sites” established for long-term measurements of atmospheric constituents and is one of the sites in the National Atmospheric Deposition Network (AMnet). Adjacent to the Tekran 1130/1135 sampling system, a Davis Instruments weather station collected meteorological data (MET) along with leaf wetness. This poster will illustrate mercury speciation data and also note any trends observed with the MET or air quality data collected from the Kejimkujik site.

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