Appendix K

Some thoughts on NADP operations in the Year 20XX

In year 20XX an NADP site employs a single design, dual orifice sampler with a modern motor and control unit and a single modern electronic rain gage. Four or more tested, approved & documented sampling protocols are available to all NADP participants.


    1. Major cations, anions and nutrients
    2. Mercury
    3. Trace metals
    4. Pesticides and/or other organics.

Clients select up to 2 protocols for a single sampler or up to four protocols for 2 samplers.

The pre-cleaned kits received weekly contain all materials necessary to effect a change in sampling protocols. The stationary infrastructure sampler/raingage have no protocol specific parts associated with them.

A flexible modern database accommodates the four or more protocols and a large portion of the code is re-used for each protocol. Adding a protocol does not constitute a major computer effort as modules for QA/QC, data management, data summarization, on-line products are interchangeable.

Routing of samples to the appropriate laboratory is accomplished via the sample mailing containers. The NADP establishes a standard data interchange will all contract laboratories such that adding or changing a laboratory does not constitute a drastic change from the perspective of how the program office sees the incoming "raw" datasets for the labs.