Marketing NADP

A launch strategy for products

Mark Nilles, USGS


To the outside world, products are NADP

WWW site
Maps & GIS
NADP reports
Reports by involved agencies and organizations
Significant assessments using NADP data


Form an ad-hoc work group for product launch strategies
Examples when this would be needed
New WWW page
New WWW features
Map report
Trends reports
NAPAP report
N brochure

Comes down to information transfer

What are the target customers for this product?
What information do we have on the target customers?
Mailing lists
Internet Newsgroups
Press releases

Can we have a "canned" strategy?

Each product will require a different launch strategy
Goal will be to have a toolbox of information on our customers to easily craft a customized product launch

Action Item requested

Subcommittee approval of the concept of a ad-hoc committee to develop a product launch strategy
Referral to the Executive Committee for consideration and ad-hoc committee selection (if approved)