Ellicottville, NY, Oct. 6 & 7, 1997


Meeting convened at 10:30 am.

Members present:

Richard Artz
Scott Dossett
Joel Frisch
Cari Furiness
John Gordon
Rich Grant
Lee Maull
Mark Mesarch
Mark Nilles
Jane Rothert

1) Officers elected:

2) Minutes of previous meeting distributed by John Gordon.

Susan Smith had an amendment to the minutes of the previous meeting. Page 6, item 3, a sentence/line was left out. Scotty Dossett made the motion to add "Discussion ensued and motion withdrawn" to the minutes. Joel Frisch seconded the motion. Amendment to minutes approved. Joel Frisch presented a question to the chairman; what is the status of the revision/review of the Field Operators Manual. This topic was postponed as it was an agenda item later in the meeting.

3) Report of spring executive meeting:

There were 18 motions presented to the executive subcommittee from the joint meeting of the Network Operation, Data Management, and Effects Subcommittees. Three of these motions required approval of the Executive subcommittee. The three requiring approval are:

4) Jane Rothert gave the CAL report (see Attachment C).

Highlights included the following:

5) Gary Lear reported on the new site audit contract put out for bid by the EPA Office of Research and Development, with Tom Lumpkin as the contract supervisor. Advanced Technology Systems, Inc., ATS, in Pittsburgh, PA was awarded the new contract. The contract has been signed and begins Oct. 1, 1997. There is a three-month base period for ATS to learn about NADP and the audit program. The contract will soon be moving into the EPA Office of Acid Rain and Rosemary Wolfe will then be the contract supervisor. Contract is for $880K over four years. The auditors must visit 100 sites per year with audit results entered electronically in the field. Quarterly reports are to be sent to EPA all other reports to be sent to the Program Office (PO). There will be a one-week special training course with Scotty Dossett at the PO included in the three-month base time. At this time, no one in NADP has seen the actual contract.

6) Scotty Dossett talked about the Network Equipment Depot (NED). The NED has replaced the Coordination Office Equipment Depot (COED). Transfer of material from COED to NED began on 1 June. As of 1 September all replacement components are being sent to sites from the NED. The CAL is working with AeroChem Metrics and 2 local electronic repair companies to provide repaired parts. Stocks are sufficient at this time. Special packing material is being purchased by the PO to expedite shipping of supplies. They will go out when possible in the regular black boxes and inside clean buckets. The packing material and how it would be put together was demonstrated by Scott. Bar coding of all equipment is also on the agenda for the NED. The NED will be coordinated by Scotty Dossett.

7) Mark Nilles - Reported on the request to replace raingages in 2000-2001. He has received permission to put together a package to take to the Chief Hydrologist of the USGS to try to sell the budget requirements for the raingage replacement. Getting a budget approved involves several steps and he is progressing in these steps and feels that he is well within time limits to still see this budget approved.

Mon. meeting adjourned at 12 noon.


Tuesday NOS meeting, Oct. 7, 1997, 10 am

1) Report of the NADP Executive Committee meeting that was held on Mon., Oct. 6 was given by John Gordon.

2) Scotty Dossett continued his report. He discussed equipment retrieval from the Air Resource Services in Fort Collins, CO. According to Jim Wagner of the ARS, the PO has everything and that the PO owes them for three raingage repairs.

3) Winterization Notification update:

4) Mark Mesarch has weather statistics at the Univ. of Nebraska. Looking at weather changes in the last 60-80 year record.

5) The Site Operator Manual Revision Project was discussed. The current manual was written in 1988 with revisions for the bucket/bottle protocols in 1993. The personnel and equipment information is outdated. The new version will be in digital format so that it can be put on the World Wide Web and accessed through the NADP homepage. Nick Field has agreed to do a style review for Section 3. A new committee is needed for the overall review.

6) The Raingage Rebuild Project was discussed. Jim Osborne has refurbished one raingage at the PO. He can refurbish about one raingage per week. Currently there is a 25%-50% loss of refurbished raingages in shipping. It is currently premature to get monies for electronic raingages as none have been demonstrated to give measurements comparable to the Belfort gage. Other raingage options need to be looked into.

7) Dossett notes that there is a need to discuss the current siting manual and questionnaire sent out to new sites.

8) Cari Furiness asked why the sites are still doing field measurements. Some Reasons to keep

Mark Nilles moved to make field measurements optional at NADP/NTN sites as of 1 Jan 1998. Scotty Dossett seconded. 4 affirmative, 3 negative, 2 abstained. Passed. (Did not pass at the Technical Meeting on Thurs. night.)


NOS joined by Data Management Subcommittee at 11:30:

Luther Smith expressed concern over the transition period when the CO shifted the data to the PO. Bob Gilpin will be employed at the CO until March. Bob Larson has been hired by the PO to be in charge of the data at the PO. There will be several trips between the CO and the PO for both Bob L. and Bob G. to expedite the transition. Data should in no way be compromised. Luther said he was satisfied.

Joint meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

Minutes submitted by Jane Rothert