Appendix I
Field Site Equipment Requirements
Wet/Dry Precipitation Collector

The Aerochem Metrics Model 301 Wet/Dry Precipitation Collector is the only collector meeting the NADP/NTN monitoring network requirements.

Recording Rain Gage Equipped with an Event Recorder

The Belfort Universal Rain gage, Model B 5-780 equipped with an Aerochem Metrics Event Recorder is the only Rain Gage/Event Recorder combination meeting the NADPINTN monitoring network requirements.

Products listed below are examples of equipment meeting the requirements of the project. Listing of these products does not constitute endorsement by the project staff. Listed items may vary considerably in their cost, serviceability and in the level of expertise required to properly use the item. Starred (*) items are those which have been used by the CAL laboratory staff.

Requirements: 15 kg capacity, lam sensitivity/readability

*1. Ohaus Model 1119D (open beam type)
2. Mettler SB 16000 (top loading electronic
3. Ohaus IP15K (top loading electronic)

Specific Conductance Meters

NOTE: Many models of conductance meters and cells have proprietary cabling. Make certain the meter or cell you order will attach to your existing equipment.

Requirements: 0.1-1,000 uS/cm range and readability to 0.1 uS/cm

*1. Yellow Springs Instrument, Model 35
*2. Yellow Springs Instrument Model 32
*3. Cole Parmer 01491-22
*4. VWR 2052

Specific Conductance Electrodes

Requirements: Cell constant of 1.0 and a sample volume requirement of <10 mL.
* 1. Yellow Springs Instrument Model 3403
*2. Yellow Spring Instrument 3417
3 VWR 23198-020

pH Meters

Requirements: Read 0-14 pH units, digital display with readability to 0.01 pH units, micro- processor controlled with buffer recognition and auto-read capability.

1. Beckman - Models pHI11 *pHI32, pHI50
2. Corning - Models 340, 345
3. Orion - Models *250A, 290A, 420A, 520A
4. Cole Parmer - Models H-59003-20, H-59003-00

pH Electrodes :

Broadley-James Combination Electrode Model # E1439-EC2-AO3 (120mm length) and E- 1229-EC2-AO3 (225mm length) with 3 foot cable is currently supplied by the CAL.

Suggested Labware

-500 mL wash bottle
-laboratory wipes such as Kim wipes
-distilled or deionized water, conductivity below 5 uS/cm
-small flat bottomed "dishpan"
-vial holder
-vial holder cover
-250 mL beaker

Note: Call the CAL for price and ordering information on any of the above items.

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7.0 Directory 10-14-96

7.1. National Atmospheric Deposition Program

Program Coordination Office Central Analytical Laboratory
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory Illinois State Water Survey
Colorado State University  2204 Griffith Drive
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1499         Champaign, Illinois 61820-7495
Fax (970) 491-3601  Fax (217) 244-0220
Gary Lear (970) 491-3615 Van Bowersox (217) 333-7873
Acting Coordinator Director, Central Analytical Laboratory
-     program information
-     funding agreements  Mark Peden (217) 333-8325
-     meeting information  
-     maps    Manager, Central Analytical Laboratory
-     quality assurance information
Cathy Copeland (970) 491-3608  Scott Dossett (800) 952-7353
Data Specialist fax (217) 333-0249
-     data requests and information Site Liaison
-     web page information -     routine site operations
-     equipment information
Susan Smith (970) 491-3603 -     field measurements
Site Liaison Kenni James (217) 333-9260
-     site information
Coordination Office Equipment Quality Assurance Specialist
Depot (COED)       
-     new sites, moves     Jeff Pribble (217) 244-0624
Cathy Griffin (970) 491-3612 shipping and supply problems
Accounting Technician    Jane Rothert (217) 333-7942
-     budgets 
-     billings -     pH electrodes
-     site agreements


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7.2 External Quality Assurance Programs

U.S. Geological Survey    

Center for Environmental Measurements
Box 25046, MS 401     Research Triangle Institute
Denver Federal Center Box 12194
Denver, Colorado 80225-0046 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Fax (303) 236-1880
John Gordon (303) 239-1870 ex 320 W. Cary Eaton (919) 541-6720
Intersite Comparison    -     Site Visitation Program
Interlaboratory Comparison
Blind Audit Program
Field Blank Program
Collocated Program


7.3 Instrument Manufacturers

Aerochem Metrics, Inc.      Belfort Instrument Company
4473 West Highway 476          727 South Wolfe Street
Bushnell, Florida 33513    Baltimore, Maryland 21231
(352) 793-8000     (410) 342-2626