The NADP/NTN Site Visitation Program
Report to the NADP/NTN
Subcommittee on Network Operations

October21, 1996
Patrick Henry Inn
Williamsburg, Virginia

W. Cary Eaton
Research Triangle Institute
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Project Status

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, sponsor of the NADP/NTN Network Site Visitation Program since 1984, provided incremental funding to the project in April 1996 after an 8-month hiatus of site visits. This funding enabled RTI to visit 50 of the 55 sites which remained to be visited in the second (final) round of visits called for under the contract. Site visits began again in June 1996 and concluded in early October 1996. Berne Bennett, U.S. EPA, Air Measurements Research Division, Quality Assurance Branch, has been reassigned as the Project Officer for the contract, replacing Ms. Jeanne Mourrain.

This report summarizes the findings from the visits to the 50 sites made since June 1996. A summary report containing information for the 191 sites visited in the second round is in preparation.

Summary of Findings from Visits Made Since June 1996

Results are summarized according to seven categories. Only the 50 sites seen since June 1996 are included. The tables list the findings and the number and percent of the 50 sites affected. RTI took action to correct the problems on-site by calibrating equipment, moving equipment when possible, and by giving instructions to the operators and supervisors. When no corrections could be made, the finding was referred to the site's supervisor and operator and to the NADP/NTN Site Liaison at the Coordination Office (Susan Smith) and Central Analytical Laboratory (Scott Dossett) for study and action.

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