This chart represents the NADP/NTN database values for pH compared to those same values adjusted with Robin's algorithm.

The procedure to adjust pH is as follows:

1. Convert pH to H+ in microequivalents/liter: H+ = 10^(6-pH)

2. Compute the following quantity (total net lidseal conservative charge):
   (41.69 - 15.34p + 1.55p^2)/V * (1 - exp(-2.68*V))
   where V is in liters and p is pH. The result is in microequivalents/liter.

3. Add the result of the above equation to H+ - 5.11/H+, calling the
   result K.

4. Compute .5 * (K + sqrt(K^2 + 20.44)). This is the adjusted H+
   concentration in microequivalents/liter. Call it C.

5. Convert back to pH: 6-log10(C)