Education and Outreach Subcommittee (EOS)

The mission of EOS is to provide a forum through which scientific, policy, and regulatory communities can discuss and address the many issues related to the ecological effects of chemical deposition on ecosystems and to guide NADP in its abilities to support these communities. Members of EOS are primarily scientists and policymakers interested in the value and utility of deposition monitoring, data interpretation, education, and outreach.

The specific charges of EOS are:

  • Facilitate the use of NADP data for scientific research, informing public policy, and providing educational materials.
  • Increase the visibility of the NADP to decision makers, i.e., tribal, state, local, and regional air quality managers, congressional subcommittees and relevant federal agencies through development and distribution of educational materials such as brochures, internet sites, and multimedia presentations.
  • Raise public awareness of NADP by promoting educational materials and participation in public forums.
  • Encourage participation by the science and data user communities in NADP committee and subcommittee functions.
  • Create and maintain communication links between the ecological research community and the Executive Committee to help ensure that NADP data continue to meet the needs of these communities.
  • Promote communications among NADP data users and the research community by providing internet sites and organizing scientific meetings and symposia.
  • Identify gaps in the fundamental understanding of ecological responses to atmospheric deposition and encourage research efforts to fill those gaps.