CLAD Scientific Working Groups

Scientific working groups (WGs) have been a component of CLAD since 2011. The objectives of the WGs are to increase our understanding and ability to estimate and represent critical loads of deposition in the United States. To date, there are five active CLAD WGs:

  • WG-1: Adding new data and critical loads to the CLAD NCLD
    • produce, adopt, and practice a standardized method for review and incorporation of new published data and critical loads into the NCLD
    • Contact: Jason Lynch
  • WG-2: Characterizing uncertainty in critical load estimates
  • WG-3: Synthesizing multiple critical loads
    • develop a repeatable and defensible method for representing multiple critical loads in the same geographical area
    • Contact: Christopher Clark and Linda Pardo
  • WG-4: Deposition uncertainty
    • develop an understanding of the range of uncertainty that is associated with measured versus modeled deposition and how it relates to critical loads
    • Contact: Michael Bell
  • WG-5: Critical Load Communications and Outreach (CLOC)
    • To develop an outreach and communication strategy to communicate the concept and use of critical loads to stakeholder groups
    • Contact: Linda Geiser