CLAD National Critical Load Database (NCLD), version 3.0

This database is a compilation of empirical and calculated critical loads data and information from many regional and national scale projects. The focus is on critical loads of sulfur and nitrogen deposition and the effects on terrestrial and aquatic environments. A report is included in the download file with details on calculations and references for all critical loads.

CLAD members submitted data to this cooperative effort as a productive and meaningful way to share information to improve methods for estimating, calculating, mapping, interpreting and refining critical loads.

We invite you to use these data and to share your findings and reactions with CLAD. Updates to the database are anticipated through periodic “calls for data” and corrections. Those who are interested in participating and contributing data are encouraged to join CLAD to ensure the timeliest notification on future activities. Contact the CLAD secretary to be added to the mailing list.

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